• Professional Law Partnership “Euroteisės biuras”

    provides legal services based on theoretical knowledge, long-standing practice and balanced creative imagination. Our team works with devotion and counts working practice from 2003.

  • Our ambitions –

    the confidence-building, based on experience, gained through representation of legal interests of our clients. Each client as every legal issue is unique, due this reason we want to be the most proper to you. We will adjust the provision of legal services to your private and business needs, related with location, time and legal nature.

  • Our purpose – to be most appropriate for you.

    Seeking this purpose we had formed the professional lawyer team, which is working with devotion, is capable to find the original solution of the problem for every legal case and is able to help with implementation.

    Together we care about the legal environment we live in, therefore we strive for the improvement of the legal traditions of Lithuania and advancement at legal education of the society, the improvement of the qualification of lawyers and the improvement of the prestige of the profession of lawyer.

  • Why are we exclusive?

    We seek only the best feedback from our clients.

    Our aim:  win-win situation. We want to include your legal case in the list of successful tasks. Our goal is to eliminate the legal issue in the way that is favorable for you. The collaboration, based on a purpose to prove our professionalism and a will to solve legal issue, allows to create incredible solutions and achieve real results.

    Law is not just the current legal rules and current legal practice. It is on a continuous development, including national end international levels. The ability to create an unconventional solution and the ability to introduce it – is a task of brave and open-minded team. In a innovative and global society, legal relationships are often one step further than the established legal standards. Due this reason we are always searching for unconventional solutions of the legal problems. This is it, here lies our exclusiveness. Our creative team is competent to find the most proper solution of your legal issue too.