• representation of the client in the criminal case. Conviction for fraud has been annulled. The client was acquitted by the appeal court.


  • representation of the client (construction foreman) against the Lithuanian State in the award of financial and moral damages incurred because of the gross negligence of law enforcement investigators, district prosecutor and district judge (unlawful pretrial criminal investigation and conviction evidenced and damages awarded to the client).


  • representation of the client (supplier in the public procurement) against the Lithuanian Post in the award of financial damages incurred because of the unlawful keeping of the competitor in list of the participants‘ in the tender.


  • representation of the client (publishing company) against the chain of bookstores in case of the bankruptcy proceedings and returning of the freezed assets (books).


  • representation of the client against one of Lithuanian banks. Client‘s money in the bank account disappeared because of the negligence of the bank while fraudulent activity (usage of stolen passport) was not prevented.


  • representation of the client (building administration company) in the case where insurance company insisted payment of damages because of the alleged negligence of the administrator of the building.


  • representation of the sport‘s club as respondent in case of civil action brought by the wife of the deceased sport‘s club client who died during sport‘s activities in the club.


  • representation of the shareholders of the company against the CEO of the company in the award of damages incurred by the company because of the CEO‘s negligence in company administration (conflict of interests).


  • representation of the client in the case, where the gross negligence of the construction company (default in keeping deadlines) caused damages to the client (could not move to the new office and paid for the rent in vain).


  • representation of the client in the civil case, where the negligence of the security firm caused damages to the client.